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Estate planning in your 60s – what’s important to know

In the previous blog, I mentioned some critical areas to think about in your 50s around Estate Planning. There are some additional considerations to keep in mind in your mid to late 60s that are specific to this age group. For instance:

  1. Retirement becomes imminent: In your mid to late 60s, retirement is closer than ever, and you may need to start making decisions about when to retire and how to manage your retirement savings. This includes understanding your Social Security benefits, deciding when to start taking them, and creating a plan for how you will generate income in retirement.
  2. Increased need for long-term care planning: As you age, the likelihood of needing long-term care increases. This means that you need to start thinking more seriously about how you will pay for long-term care and what types of care you might need. You may also want to consider purchasing long-term care insurance or other insurance products to help cover these costs.
  3. Reviewing and updating estate planning documents: While reviewing and updating estate planning documents is important at any age, it becomes especially critical in your mid to late 60s. This is because you are likely to have accumulated a significant amount of wealth and assets by this point in your life, and you need to ensure that your estate plan reflects your current wishes and protects your assets.
  4. Tax planning: As you approach retirement, you need to start thinking about how your retirement income will be taxed and how you can minimize your tax burden. You may want to consider consulting with a tax professional to explore tax-efficient strategies for managing your retirement savings and estate.

Overall, estate planning in your mid to late 60s requires careful consideration of retirement planning, long-term care planning, and tax planning, in addition to reviewing and updating your estate planning documents. It is important to work with a financial advisor or estate planning attorney to ensure that your estate plan meets your specific needs and goals.

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