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10 easy ways to money while at home

These past 2 years has been an interesting one at that, with the pandemic and lockdowns across the country and the world, it’s hard for any of us to bet on one source of income. Don’t get me wrong, working an hourly or salary job is great and still the primary way of making money, but if one things for sure – we all need to have a backup or side hustle to tap in to since closures, furrows, and layoffs are more common than ever before. 

To make money at home, we’ll need to tap into making money online. The Internet has so many services that we can use. 

  1. Create a blog and make money through advertising and affiliate marketing. Recommend using something that will allow you to scale like WordPress.org,  and installing it on your own hosting account with on your own domain. This is important for SEO. 
  2. Sell an item on eBay. This can be an item you want to get rid of, or something you buy at a bargain in a garage or outlet. 
  3. Sell an item you make on Etsy. This is a different marketplace than eBay, but one where you can make something and sell it
  4. Sell an item on local marketplaces (Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace)
  5. Create a online store through Shopify
  6. Write / Design for others – Give away services at Upwork or Fiverr that you charge for
  7. Write an e-Book and publish it on Amazon
  8. Invest in an index fund (dividend fund) that provides returns 
  9. Start a podcast or YouTube, similar to #1, this is about advertisement from your content.
  10. Rent your car, if you’re at home and not using your car, Turo lets you rent it out like Airbnb is for homes

Most of these require upfront Investments of your time and effort to build content or offer services. Some require some initial capital, but others are free. 

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