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REITs vs Stocks daily update – August 31, 2021

Stocks increased today $1.95 today, while REITs had small growth of 7 cents. The US economy is starting to strengthen this half of 2021 with lots of optimism which is driving the stock price up. This isn’t always steady as we’ve seen a few weeks ago that drove our stock down. For now, we can enjoy the stock growth we’re seeing with our Wealthfront Stock funds @ $1011.61 vs $1004.47. Stocks win over REITs today! It’s aggregate is higher than REITs and daily growth is larger. We will see how this changes as REITs are still in the ramp up phase of property accumulation.

TLDR; What’s this all about? I invested $1000 in both REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) and the Stock Market, and now it’s a challenge to seeing which one will perform better in the next 5 years. You can read the start here.

Here’s the numbers today:

Stock Investment – Wealthfront

Today’s balance: $1,011.61 (Net returns to date: $11.61 gains)

Day change: $1.95 increase since yesterdays’s earnings – $1,009.66.

Historical info: Invested $1000 on August 2, 2021

REITs – Fundrise

Today’s balance: $1004.47 (Net returns to date: $4.47 gain)

Day change: $0.07 (small growth) since yesterday’s earnings ($1004.40)

Historical info: $1000 on July 27, 2021 (initial investment)

Another snapshot below of our specific Wealthfront funds – Generally, we’ll be seeing the same trend of US stocks and Dividend growth are high performers with 2.5% lifetime increase for US stocks. Emerging market stocks has less of a decline at 0.5% (much better than previous days of 1.8% decline).

In future quarters, we’ll see if one fund surpasses another.

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