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REITs vs Stocks daily update – August 14, 2021

Today, Stocks win over REITs with a solid growth. 
TLDR; What’s this all about? I invested $1000 in both REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) and the Stock Market, and now it’s a challenge to seeing which one will perform better in the next 5 years. You can read the start here. Below is today’s daily update….

Stock Investment – Wealthfront

Today’s balance: $1,004.80 (Net returns to date: $4.80 increase)

Day change: $0.64 increase  since August 12 (2 days ago) – $1004.16

Historical info: Invested $1000 on August 2, 2021

REITs – Fundrise

Today’s balance: $1002.72 (Net returns to date: $2.72 gain)

Day change: $0.04 (Small growth) since yesterday ($1002.68)

Historical info: $1000 on July 27, 2021 (initial investment)

4 cent growth in REITS vs 64 cent growth in stocks from 1000 investment each. I have to investing observation though – as I’m looking into lifetime growth of each ETF stocks Wealthfront chooses for me. So far, US stocks seem to be outperforming Foreign developed stocks. Emerging market stocks has not been growing for me (1.9% decrease). Dividend growth is phenomenal. I’m tempted to focus on these ones and shift my assets out of certain ones, but I’m also curious to keep an eye out and understand the trends a bit better over the next year.

More next time. You can see more of my posts by searching REITs vs Stocks.

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