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Daily Trends – Do REITs have spikes in growth?

The last few weeks I’ve been monitoring the growth of REITs, which has been a slow but very stable increase. Generally, the $1000 I put in has seen growth by the cents, ~4-6 cents per day. This is great as it doesn’t fluctuate as much as the stock market where you can be negative one day, and up significantly the next. Although the younger generation putting money away, I’d opt in for the stock market because you have those long-term growth opportunities in the decades – I’m enjoying the stable increases in REITs while I’m still waiting for the full ramp up of property acquisitions and dividend payouts; which might prove to show better returns than stocks, so I hope.

After watching REITs everyday, there really hasn’t been anything increasing until now. Notice on August 8 to 9, there’s a much more substantial increase from 1,001.54 to 1,002.50. That’s a growth increase of nearly a dollar (+0.96) within a day which is out of the ordinary. Afterwards, August 10th, it continues it’s slow growth of $0.04 increases.

Anyways – it’s a surprising jump which I’m looking into. Unfortunately, the tools in Fundrise doesn’t let me look historically and dig into the details of a particularly day; but it’s exciting to see growth of this size. Only time will tell us more.

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