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Top 8 Reasons Why Real Estate Is A Top Asset To Hold

Besides the closing cost fees and seller fees that come with selling and buying a home, here are a few reasons why investing in real estate will help you long term.

  1. Always appreciates long term. People get equity from real estate increasing over time. Protects your money from inflation.
  2. Can outperforms stocks. If the last few years has shown anything, people want homes, home prices have increase more than 20%+.
  3. Less risky and volatile. Unlike stocks, it doesn’t swing as rapidly up and down, and has shown growth over years.
  4. Guaranteed passive income. You can rent out a room, or your entire property, giving you extra income. AirBnb allows that option as well.
  5. Able to control and negotiate price. When buying, you can negotiate on fees, discount, over points and interest rate with your lenders. It’s harder to do in a sellers market – when buying a house with over bidding, but there are tactics to help determine what you pay overall.
  6. Tax advantages. The government provides tax incentives and allows you to deduct interest and property taxes on your home, especially the first few years where you pay more upfront.
  7. Less risk = More reward. Not including the financial reward of owning a home or multiple homes, it’s one of those things you can enjoy.
  8. Always in demand. Land is more scarce in America with less homes being build, people need a place to live and desire to own a home.

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